PATI can provide training or on-site consulting at a company's off site location or at our home office at  John F. Kennedy International Airport


Although primarily a training school,  all of PATI's staff have extensive hands on aviation experience. 

Client centric

PATI's entire training staff, administrative and technical employees place the needs of our clients first. If necessary, we will work one-on-one with students to ensure successful completion of their course work

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Pan American Training Institute

Bert graduated from Brown University and served as a Navigator for the USAF Strategic Air Command. He held numerous overseas assignments with prominent airlines. He joined PATI as a Curriculum and Instructor Manager. Bert is an IATA Certified Instructor for Dangerous Goods. 

Bill Puckhaber

P.O. Box 300879, Bldg. #141 JFK Intl. Airport, Jamaica, NY 11430-0879

about our company

Our courses are designed for Airlines, Airline Service Companies, Brokers, Indirect Air Carrier Agents and Cargo Handlers involved in international air shipment of dangerous goods, Freight Forwarders, Custom Brokers and Trucking companies who are in the business of shipping on surface, Pilots,  Line Maintenance, Shipping, Stores, and Warehouse Personnel who may operate with dangerous goods. .

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Bill was CEO and founder of PATI, a graduate of St. John University, well- known figure at JFK and in the aviation industry.  Bill has held many Executive positions, active in aviation circles and past president of the JFK Chamber of Commerce.


Bert Muecke

PATI provides first - rate. cost competitive training for companies in the aviation, transportation and allied service firms

The safety of the transport medium including passengers, crew and employees is our most important job. It is our intent to be known as the "premier safety oriented school."

Our vision is to develop a high- quality consulting and training company that would provide business - results oriented services for the aviation industry